• Design Services. From distributed autonomous systems to Incremental and linear scale out, we will work with you to layout your infrastructure.
  • Persistent Memory Solutions. We have skill sets to help evaluate memory arrays running on the network to persistent memory acceleration on the server side with PCIe cards and SATA SSDs.
  • Migration of application data running on legacy storage to persistent memory based tier.
  • Review of potential license reduction due to core reduction.
  • FirstEFX Buy Back and Trade-in Program. FirstEFX will evaluate for trade in any IT or capital asset a client has that may be of value, as a trade-in to reduce the overall cost of purchase.

The first step of the FirstEFX experience is sizing and deployment help. Cloud or on-premise, we’ll help you model your data, determine your hardware building blocks, advise you on solid state storage and RAM options.

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FirstEFX works with you to advise on performance optimization, capacity planning and economics.

FirstEFX Buy Back and Trade-in Program

FirstEFX can provide on premise installation services- Throughout the process, all our clients benefit from our expert knowledge and expertise based on years of experience successfully implementing projects for clients worldwide.

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